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A Blount County church lends a 'Helping Hand' for back-to-school

A Blount County church lends a 'Helping Hand' for back-to-school image

A new school year means new shoes, new clothes, and new hair cuts. Nearly 10,000 students in Blount County are receiving all of these services and more for free this school year.

More than 2,000 kids received a new pair of shoes at this year's Helping Hands event. / Source: WVLT News

Rio Revolution Church of Blount Co. held it's annual Helping Hands back-to-school event on Saturday, July 20 . The event was from 8 a.m. until 12 p.m. at Heritage High School.

Students from all over Blount County were able to get everything they needed to have a successful school year. They received things like school supplies and brand new shoes.

With the help of more than 500 volunteers, the church was able to service thousands of kids this year.

One student, Dakota Hattula, said she and some other kids got their first pair of name-brand tennis shoes, thanks to the event. She says this builds confidence in the kids.

"They can feel refreshed for school and they can feel like they look really good as well so they don't think that they don't look good compared to the other people, because everybody is pretty, inside and out," said Hattula.

Helping Hands started out in 2007 helping nearly 40 kids get ready for school. Volunteer and Rio Revolution Church member, Kristina Killebrew, says the program grows every year.

"Its just the community loving on the community.", said Killebrew.

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