Hi Everybody,

In consideration of the public health concerns from the CDC and government officials related to COVID-19, we will not be hosting in-person services or meetings, including Preschool and Celebrate Recovery, at any of our campuses (Broadcast, 411, RPM) during the remainder of March.


will be available online!

Get together with your small group at home and

Join Us Live!

Sundays at 9 and 11 am




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If someone asks why your church chose to respond to this health crisis by going online, here’s my response:

  • We are loving our neighbors by protecting our neighbors.
  • We are not being fearful. We are being responsible.
  • This is what love requires of us in this season.

What can you do? PRAY

Let’s pray for those affected by the coronavirus, and let’s pray for their families. And let’s pray for our medical professionals as they search for a cure. Let’s pray for our civic leaders as they make decisions that affect our safety and our health. And most of all, let’s pray for a miracle cure from heaven!

Thank you for your patience.

We will do our best to keep you informed and connected.