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The Revolution Kids check-in kiosks are located in front foyer of the church to the right. Someone from our amazing check-in team will assist in registering your family. You will receive two security tags, one for your child and one for you. On both tags is a matching randomly assigned number that you will use to pick up your child or be notified if you are needed during the service.

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A nurturing environment

TIME:  Saturday 5:30 pm, Sunday 9am and 11 am, Wednesday 7pm (all classes open 15 minutes before service)

AGES:  Birth to walking

DESCRIPTION:  Staffed with loving and caring people who are passionate about showing the love and embrace of Jesus Christ to our little ones.


Make a joyful noise!

TIME:  Saturday 5:30 pm, Sunday 9 am and 11 am, Wednesday 7pm (all classes open 15 minutes before service)

AGES:  3 year olds, 4 year olds / Pre-K, Kindergarten

DESCRIPTION:  Preschoolers are an exciting and active bunch. We make sure they get to experience a fun and energetic large group setting with worship and interactive Bible stories. They also get to experience a smaller setting where they learn about prayer and expand on weekly lessons through fun crafts. Get ready for some new art for your frig!

This week we learned: When Jesus is your friend, He gives you the power to have joy.


Worship is loud and we like it that way!

Large Group

TIME:  Saturday 5:30 pm, Sunday 9 am and 11 am (all classes open 15 minutes before service)

GRADES:  1st - 5th

DESCRIPTION:  The large group environment is an amazing time for worship, fun group games, and great Bible stories. During small group time, dedicated leaders teach about authentic Christian relationships and prayer.

Wednesday Nights

TIME:  7pm

GRADES:  Kindergarten-5th

LOCATION  Revolution Kids

DESCRIPTION:  Join us on Wednesday nights for a mid-week gathering. It's an exciting and active environment where Revolution Kids experience worship, fun games, great Bible stories, and age-appropriate lessons in smaller groups.

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Up Coming Events

JULY 24 - REV GUYS & REV GIRLS 6:30-8:30 Main Auditorium

JULY 31 - BACK TO SCHOOL BASH 6:30-8:30 Pavilion & Soccer field

Know The Way

Wednesday: 7pm Service
Room 101: What now? - Divorce 101. Feeling out of place in a traditional Sunday Scholl Class? Trying to deal with the hurts of your recent/past divorce? Wanting to help someone who has just gone through a divorce and you know what they are going through? Coping with being single.
Room 105: The Community. Our group is geared towards Millennials, age 25-35.
Room 106: The Fellowship. The goal of this adult-oriented group is to function in a way very similar to the early church, breaking bread together, sharing burdens and learning together in the Love of Christ.
Room 108: Rev. Kids Babies and Toddlers
Room 109: Rev. Kids Elementary (kindergarten will join us)
Room 110: Rev. Kids 3&4 Years Olds
Sunday: 9Am and 11Am Services
Room 101: Rev. Kids 3 Year Olds
Room 102: Rev. Kids 4 Year Olds
Room 103: Rev. Kids 3 & 4 Year Olds Overflow
Room 104: 12:30-2:00 PM Connect
Room 105: 11:00 AM Service Only Special Needs Adult Class
Room 106: Rev. Kids 3 Preschool Large Group
Room 107: Rev. Kids Babies
Room 108: Rev. Kids Club House
Room 109: Rev. Kids Elem. Large Group
Room 110: Rev. Kids Kindergarten
Room 111: Rev. Kids Toddlers
Room 112: Rev. Kids Toddlers
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